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bloch partnership

Bloch is one of the most prestigious dance brands in the market and has been making high quality dance shoes and clothes for decades. 

We have always loved Bloch’s tap shoes and dance wear, so designing our own tap shoe with the brand was a dream come true. We are so excited for the world to dance in our Chloe and Maud Tap Shoes!

The Chloe and Maud Tap Shoe was designed to meet the need of tap dancers from all across the globe. We tested the shoes for months to make sure they were exactly how we wanted. 

With a very stylish design, the Chloe and Maud Tap Shoe is available in two colors: black and white or all black leather. In both colors, the silver sole and the Chloe and Maud heart-shaped pin ads our own special touch. 

We wanted to make sure you would be able to dance for hours comfortably, so we asked Bloch for a padded shoe that would make your feet feel amazing. 

And we know you are wondering, so yes, the Chloe and Maud shoe sounds great! Check out the videos below and hear it for yourself!


The new Chloe and Maud Tap Shoe by Bloch is very affordable and perfect for all ages. 


What are you waiting for?

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