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American Tap Festival

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

Our friends, Anthony Morigerato and Mike Minnery, put on a wonderful event in San Diego as part of Dancerpalooza. They invited us to be a part of the launch of the American Tap Fest, and it was LIT!! Everybody rocked to that #Beychella EVERYBODY MAD! It was so fun to see the fellas going for it!

Classes were full of such amazing energy, and we are so thankful for such amazing assistants - Gisele Silva, Jabu Graybeal, and Liz Carroll! Gisele and Jabu KILLED IT on a 2x4!

Maud's ADV class!

The meet and greet promoting our tap shoes by Bloch was so amazing. My heart nearly exploded seeing this little girl, Maleah, get her first pair of shoes! Her love inspired us to continue what we were doing. We are so grateful for this journey we are on! Thank you to everybody who came through!


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