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Updated: Dec 2, 2018

Celebrating 10 years of the DC Tap Fest! My heart is so full! #TapIntoEquality

Some highlights:

1) Shim Sham in solidarity with #marchforourlives - I’m so proud of our youth!

2) My choreography classes in preparation for Tap Into Unity. These young people work hard!!

3) The Tap Into Unity shoot. A meaningful collaboration with MC @isthatasha - these kids learned how a shoot works, the importance of unity, and Tap dance as a form of empowerment.

4) Our @chloeandmaud youth company @soletalkyouth rocking out on stage. I’m amazed at how a company of kids from around the country can join forces because of their own practice and dedication!!

5) How our #SoleTalkYouth member, Thomas welcomed Jaden, an awesome kid I met on Instagram to the community!

6) My NYC-based professional company @apt33 brought 🔥🔥and style to the concert with a swinging Sing Sing Sing!

7) Beaming with joy watching my kids from Croatia @dubrovniktapfest make so many new friends and bring their flavor to #DC! Thank you to their amazing teacher and my international bestie @linvaltap!

8) The babies melting my heart!! First years of tap, and already bringing sooo much passion and soul!

9) Brazil, Brazil, Brazil! My heart!! You all overwhelm me with how much you love and appreciate life!! @x_giu_x you are a PHENOMENAL leader!

10) Advanced students - you all push the level, the envelope, motivate the younger kids, are amazing musicians and dancers! Thanks for representing!!! This is JUST someeee of the amazingness that transpired!

11) ALL of the stunning photos by @annikaabel - THANK YOU ❤️

I love you all!!

Then, just after the festival ended, we took our 60 Sole Talk Youth dancers and the DC Tap Fest faculty to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. Education goes far beyond the dance floor. KNOWLEDGE is POWER!


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