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DC Tap Fest XI

We have so many amazing memories from this year’s DC Tap Fest!! 😍 This festival is about unity, love, community, growth, and joy. The youth is our daily motivation! ❤️🙌 Dear young people: we believe in you and we support you!

11 years ago, my sister and I started the DC Tap Fest with the mission of sharing our love for tap dance with the community and providing equal opportunity access to top tap dance education! I’m so thankful and excited for the amazing stories of our students whose lives have been uplifted over the years! We will ALWAYS advocate for you!! This is more than dance!

What a week - 100 classes, concert, jam session, cutting contest, empowerment discussions, a group trip to the National Museum of African American History, a pizza party, student showcase! Non-stop action!

Our faculty and staff is everything - teamwork makes the dream work! I love each and everyone of these brilliant, and generous souls! Thank you for sharing your love and light!

One of the highlights of this year’s festival was the time we got to spend with Derrick and Melvin - the story of how the internet brought these boys into our lives is incredible! Hilary Swank sent me a video of Derrick dancing and I shared it to my own Instagram asking the internet to help us find this incredible kid, which we DID! A week later, the Sync Ladies were in NOLA dancing with Derrick and his brother Melvin, and the Chloe and Maud Foundation gave Derrick, Melvin, and their mom roundtrip plane tickets, hotel, scholarship, and a spot in the DC Tap Fest concert. Watching these brothers take class, learn new steps, make new friends, perform on stage for the first time, and get introduced to this entire new world while having the time of their lives was AMAZING. 😍 This is why we do what we do! Thank you Hilary Swank for sharing that video and bringing these boys into our lives!

We are so thankful we are able to create opportunities for wonderful and deserving kids like Derrick and Melvin! If you would like to support our scholarship program and help kids like these brothers get their dance education, visit! ❤️

We hope you can make it next year!! Save the Date - March 23-29, 2020


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