EVERYBODY MAD! Sync Ladies Video Drop

Beychella gave us Sync Ladies LIFE!! 💛💛👑🐝💛 Thank you Beyonce, Jaquel Knight, and Chris Grant for the constant inspiration and for uplifting the culture! Beyonce you are the G.O.A.T.! #EverybodyMad This song goes HARD! @otgenasis

Check out our salute to Beyonce and Beychella:

The Sync Ladies were rolling deep!

Chloe Arnold, Maud Arnold, Anissa Lee, Assata Madison, Orialis Ashley, Pamela Yasutake, Melissa Tannus, Gisele Silva, Emily Ferreira

Directed by: Becca Nelson (@beccathecreator)

Creative Consultant: Melinda Sullivan (@realmelsully)

Hoodies by @five.six.seven.eight

Produced by @chloeandmaud@cherishmcdowell @sillarmgmt

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I 💛 my Syncopated Sisters! THANK YOU EVERYONE, for sharing our love!!

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