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Fresh Princesses of Bel Air: Sync Ladies Tribute Will Smith and Debbie Allen

We wanted to give our mentor, Debbie Allen, her flowers and thank her for the love, lessons, and guidance! As Will Smith says, "'cause not every hero is wearing a cape"!

Our Uncle Phil was our Auntie Debbie - she's been with us all the way! In 2003, the Syncopated Ladies was founded at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy by Chloé. In 2020, we're now living our dreams as a team, and paying it forward every day! We grew up in inner cities all over the world - DC, LA, Brazil - admiring Will Smith and watching the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, dreaming of a life beyond our hoods. Debbie Allen came to DC and gave Maud and I a chance at that life, and brought us to LA to live with her and train at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, and gave us all scholarships!

Check out our loving tribute below!

Directed by: Becca Nelson (@beccathecreator)

Choreography by: Chloé Arnold (@chloearnoldtaps) in collaboration with Dexter Carr (@dextercarr)

Music: Joyner Lucas (@joynerlucas) and Will Smith (@willsmith)

Chloe's rap written by: Dante Mitchell (@lineageofthekingdom)

Mix by: Ron Gilmore Jr (@rongilmorejr)

Clothes: Cross Colours LA (@crosscoloursla)



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