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Hilary Swank's Wedding ❤️

CONGRATULATIONS to my amazing sister-friend for life, Hilary Swank, for marrying the love of her life, Philip! This was a hard secret to keep, because we were having SO MUCH FUN!!

Training “Philary” for their first dance at their wedding was the most fulfilling experience. They were incredible to work with, but more importantly, they are incredible human beings. They showed me the magic of love, and the value of bonding together to learn something new and challenging. I know they have a tremendously bright future ahead together as husband and wife, because of their amazing teamwork on and off the dance floor!! Their love is inspiring, and our time together was unforgettable.

I’m so thankful to have such an empowered, soulful, compassionate, badass, loving, new lifelong sister-friend. Hilary, see you on the dance floor with the Syncopated Ladies after the honeymoon!! I’m rooting for you ALWAYS!!! Love you! ❤️❤️


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