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Janet Jackson Reposts Chloe - Rhythm Nation!

JANET JACKSON. There is no greater feeling than when your idols recognize you! 🙏🏾❤️😭😩

To every little girl out there dancing in their living room, looking up to someone, I was YOU, watching Janet and trying to learn her every move. I performed in my talent show, begging my friends (who weren’t dancers) to stay after school to learn the moves I had learned from her ICONIC music videos from VHS tape! They rallied, and I lived my best life on that stage. It starts with inspiration. So many of my dreams have come to life, and there is never a moment that I’m not thankful. I will always cherish those that led the way, and I’m so thankful that I chose generous, great people to admire. Thank you, Ms. Jackson (if you nasty)

Check out the video Janet reposted below!


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