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Sync Ladies Live: SAN DIEGO!

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Rocking out with our squad makes my heart so happy! ❤️

Last night’s show is San Diego was SO EPIC! Thank you all for coming and celebrating tap and love with us yesterday!! And we’re SO proud of our Sole Talk Youth, Dante Lara, and Freddie and Teddie Tisdale SLAYING it on stage opening for us! We love you guys!! Thank you to the amazing audience members, my Syncopated Sisters, Kaleena Rallis and Sillar Management, Cherish McDowell, Channing Cook Holmes, and Brandee Lara for bringing so much love to the table. It was a wonderful night together!!

Thank you Annika Abel for these incredible photos!! Thank you California Center for the Arts for having us!! ❤️


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