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Wearable Art Gala

The Wearable Art Gala was EPIC!

Thank you Felicia Horowitz for inviting us to this beautiful experience! You are a force of goodness and I am so thankful to be in your circle of life and light ❤️👑 It was so wonderful to see you be honored for all the great you do in the world and to hear your awesome, inspiring speech! You are absolutely brilliant and so beautiful inside and out - we are so thankful that you shine your light on us all! Seeing you receive an award was so gratifying, because you deserve it! Your philanthropy and warm genuine spirit is making the world a better place. Hearing your story reminds us that we have infinite possibilities. Thank you for inviting us all to experience so much black excellence and pride! It was divine and spiritually uplifting and moving!!

Tina and Richard Lawson, thank you for creating this amazing experience for us to celebrate culture and raise money for great youth programs. Thank you for advancing and elevating the culture and youth with love and purpose!! We are so grateful for you as you brighten the path for future generations! ❤️

My sisters - our solidarity is EVERYTHING! ❤️👑 #squad

My look:

Gold top: @jamesdii courtesy @kicertified

Jewelry: courtesy @pamelayasutake

Makeup: @glam_tay


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