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Women in the World x Sync Ladies

“I am speaking today, for all the women who are in silence.” - Viola Davis

We are women, hear us roar!! Women in the World at Lincoln Center was AWESOME! I’m so thankful to share the night with such intelligent, strong, courageous women!

See the full performance below:

Dancers L-R: Assata Madison, Gisele Silva, Chloe Arnold, Becca Nelson, Maud Arnold

Viola Davis’ interview was so poignant - when this woman speaks, the room goes still. Every word is filled with passion, truth, and genuine humanity. She is so kind! We also got to meet Masih Alinejad at the event, and she is a FORCE! She is an incredible activist for women’s rights in Iran. Thank you, Masih, for risking your safety to create freedom for others and change the world! ❤️🙏🏾

I’m so thankful to Tina Brown from Women in the World for including us in this powerful message.

“You’ve got the baton now… What are you going to do with it?” - Viola Davis


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