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Women on the Move! Sync Ladies & Sole Talk Youth at Radio City!

Women on the move!!! Tap into your power!! 🙏🏾❤️

The Syncopated Ladies, thanks to JP Morgan/Chase and Radio City Music Hall, brought the girls with us to one of the most iconic venues in the world - 42 amazing young dancers from NY, DC, LA, Boston, Atlanta, New Jersey, Florida, and Maryland!

The messages, the spirit, the energy, and the love were overflowing on this amazing day. Unforgettable memories and life changing experiences! Thank you to the whole team - Kaleena, Alyssa, Liz, Nicole, Jenna, and our AMAZING parent volunteers!

Check out below for some clips of our performance!

FULL HEART! I am overwhelmed with gratitude. 💜🙏🏽


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