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Chloe and Maud Pop-Up Studio Closes It's Doors

Dearest dance family & friends, we are so sad to announce that the studio will officially be closing 11/14. Gentrification is very real. The building is set to be demolished.

Thank you all for the beautiful memories! We have been rehearsing there for over 15 years. First while the Kennedys were still alive, and then in the spirit of Tap dancing siblings, carried it on for about 2.5 years ago. Thank you Ms. Moore for everything! ❤️

You can knock down the building, but we will rise taller in our purpose and passion! Our students are our motivation 🔥 #TapintoYourPower We will miss our studio so much. The only way to level up is ownership, because there will always be a developer interested in making more $$ over culture and community. Our team and community are strong... powering up for the next steps. Your love and support is appreciated!! We will find a new home for creativity together!!!

Come join us Wednesday 11/13 as we close out this journey with love! See you there!!

Please consider supporting our non profit as we look for our new home: Chloe and Maud Foundation -


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