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DANGEROUS LOVE - Sync Ladies x Tiwa Savage

Summer Love ☀️ 💚 🤍!

Tap is a Black Art Form, part of the African diaspora. We are so proud to collaborate with Motown Records and CLI Studios.

Please watch and drop a comment if you’re feeling the vibe! 😀 🙌🏾 ❤️

Choreographer: Taps by Chloé Arnold (@chloearnoldtaps) Afro Beats by Kara Jenelle (@karajenelle)

Dancers: Sync Ladies (@syncladies) - Chloé Arnold (@chloearnoldtaps), Maud Arnold (@maudiepooh), Assata Madison (@assatagrooves), Anissa Lee (@anissavibes), Gisele Silva (@iamgiselesilva)

Directed and edited by Becca Nelson (@beccathecreator)

Produced by Cherish McDowell (@imcherishmcd)



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