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Rest in Power - Mable Lee

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Rest in Power Mable Lee 🙏🏾 1921-2019

Today we mourn the loss of one the greatest African American jazz tap dancers, singers and entertainers to ever live. 😔 In case you don’t know her, Mable Lee was known as “Queen of the Soundies”, which was an early version of our music videos. She truly paved the way for African American women and soloists in entertainment. Because of her, we can! ✊🏾 Mable Lee’s unique sassy and classy style has always been a huge inspiration to us. She once said “ I love being feminine, being a woman. I do not like vulgarity-- I will give you a bump, but not to be nasty, but a lady.” 🙌🏾

Mable Lee, your loving, beautiful spirit has touched us all in the most memorable ways! Thank you for being a strong, empowered, trailblazing, phenomenal African American woman! Mable never held her tongue, and never asked for permission to shine!! Because of you, we can! We will miss you, and love you forever! ❤️❤️🙏🏾


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